21st Monday: Disneys To Be Heard

Most of us have grown up watching Disney, Find out what our favorite Disney Movies are. Morning Coffee Wendy’s recently released a mixtape. Yes, the fast food chain, released an EP. We pay our respects to Linda Brown from the famous Brown vs. Board of Education that lead to the desegregation of the school system. […]


20th Monday: In The Debts Of Your Despair

We’re 20 Mondays in and Toys R Us is being liquidated, we might be receiving help with student loans and we think of vacation spots to escape the stress of Mondays Morning Coffee Where’s Jaydakid? Off celebrating his birthday Where Are The Toys? Recently Toys R Us is being liquidated and everything is being marked […]


17th Monday: People That Don’t Have Cheese On Their Burgers Are Evil

This week we discuss anything that comes to mind, you have been warned. Morning Coffee   We go off the dome completely this episode, so prepare for madness and randomness. Have A Question? Express Feedback? Leave a comment Email us at feedback@gotdamnmondays.com Write a review on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher Grow The Community Subscribe to Got Damn Mondays […]


15th Monday: Don’t Forget About Libya

We discuss the slave trade going on in Libya. Who would win in a fight Batman or Black Panther? A few more black inventors you might not know. Morning Coffee Is Valentine’s Day really a holiday? Nellye shares a moral a predicament from her Valentine’s Day. Black Panther (No Spoilers) We discuss our expectations for […]

Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode – 2017 Clip Show

It’s Monday and you deserve to laugh, enjoy this episode featuring funny moments from 2017. Make Monday Better We plan to make this Monday a bit more cheerier with some laughs after you listen to this compilation of clips from all our episodes from 2017. Have A Question? Express Feedback? Leave a comment Email us […]