Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode – Guy Snitchin’ 3 ft. Keeya

Nicoli G returns with more Guy Snitchin’, this time with Keeya; Jaydakid’s own sister as he goes over more relationship topics.

Snitchin about Online Dating

Have you ever been catfished? We discuss an experience with a catfish. Is anyone authentic online? Is everyone trying to cheat the other? Why do people waste each other’s time? If you want a specific thing should you not go in pursuit of that instead of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Savage is as Savage does?

Did men turn women into savages? Or is it an innate ability they possessed all along? Is “thirsty” ruining the game? Are men really thirsty? When is it appropriate to exchange numbers? We share an experience about a “thirsty” individual.


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