9th Monday: I’m Not Racist, Right?

Have you heard “I’m Not Racist” by Joyner Lucas? Race has always been an uncomfortable topic, more so than Monday. Does the song help ease those tensions?


Morning Coffee

Holiday season upon us, is Santa really all he seems to be? Should parents let their children believe in him or even the tooth fairy for that matter? Perhaps leading us astray in our youth can lead us astray in our future?

Life can be a bitter pill to swallow sometimes, so people chase it with alcohol. Everyone has a preference for their liquor of choice. Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Beer, what’s yours?

Is Connecticut soft?

Diddy recently had some choice words for the Constitution state. Do you think he was being harsh? Is he trying to rile up Connecticut artists? Perhaps motivate them?

I’m Not Racist – Joyner Lucas

Watch his video Here.

The media is a powerful tool, a lethal weapon, it has shaped the society of the USA for years. Following media can warp your mind, which in turn changes the way you act and understand the world around you. Unfortunately the media can give a false perception or point of view on dozens of subjects; one being race.

Interacting with people of different cultures with a closed mind can lead to disastrous results when basing it off of the media you’ve consumed without any real world experiences. Have you dealt with someone with a different cultural background from yours? Recently or in the past.

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