13th Monday: Why Monday Sucks

Does it always feel like Monday just sucks, all the time? Well it may have been scientifically proven. We discuss why that is.

Morning Coffee

The NFL Superbowl is set and it is a New York Nightmare; The New England Patriots vs The Philadelphia Eagles. Will Tom Brady get his 6th ring? Will the Eagles get redemption in this rematch and get the ultimate prize? Will Nicoli G see his favorite team(the Eagles) make history?

Why Monday Actually Sucks

Marmite has conducted a scientific study as to why Monday sucks. Read this article for more info. Understand why Monday sucks is the information we need so we can actually start enjoying this day and make our lives better. Check out this list of ways to make Monday suck less.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Need a laugh? Read this article about a man in Maine who punched himself to try to get out of taking a sobriety test.

Mo’Nique Wants Us To Boycott Netflix

She claims to have been low-balled due to gender and race discrimination. Take a look at the situation for yourself. Here are her credentials. Do you think she’s right?

Another Rough Monday

The Government shutdown on the 1 year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s term in office. It is also not the first time the Government shutdown either. Here’s a list of previous ones.

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