12th Monday: A Bad Apple In The #MeToo Bunch?

Ever wondered how work related stress can affect you? What if you could relieve some of that stress at your desk each day? We discuss that and some recent events in this episode.

Morning Coffee

We welcome back the return of our friend Nellye. If you don’t remember her listen to Episode 6 and get yourself familiar.

How Work Related Stress Affects You

Along with its emotional toll, prolonged job-related stress can drastically affect your physical health. Constant preoccupation with job responsibilities often leads to erratic eating habits and not enough exercise, resulting in weight problems, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. In Episode 10 we gave you a workout you can do at home. Today we provide you with a way to relieve stress at your desk. Let us know if you have a way you relieve stress at home or at work at feedback@gotdamnmondays.com or in the comments below.

The Price Is Wrong: A Bad Apple In The Bunch?

How people can take advantage of good things in the world. The #MeToo movement is good for women and the world unfortunately there are usually people who have to take something good project their negative energy into it. We’re talking about the situation with Aziz Ansari and “Grace”, for more on that read this article on the story here. Let us know what you think about what happened at feedback@gotdamnmondays.com or leave a comment below.

Robo Fever

With the new sex doll/robot that is being released, what does this mean for romance or intimacy? Will it have adverse effects on love and relationships? Could it lead us on a darker path of social disconnect? Let us know what you think at feedback@gotdamnmondays.com

Another Rough Monday

This week we feature the story of the unfortunate 13 Siblings that were held captive by their parents in California. Read more on it here.

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