10th Monday: New Year, New Monday

We’re back from our Holiday Hiatus, we talk briefly with dealing with the stress of Monday and 1 way you can alleviate that stress.


Morning Coffee

Catch up with us as we re-adjust from our time off during the holidays and get ready to get back to our daily routine. We also brief our new and existing listeners on Monday and what the days of the week actually may be.

One Way To Deal With Stress, Exercise

One of the hosts; Price, is a personal trainer. He became certified after attending The American Academy of Personal Training. Price deals with his stress by working out. It’s also the beginning of a new year and we understand people are itching to change their lives. Price has picked out a few body weight exercises (Calisthenics) you guys can do in the comfort of your home during the cold winter season so you can start working towards your summer body now.

Squats are an essential movement almost everybody performs multiples times a day. Sitting in a chair, using the bathroom, picking up something off the floor. (Use your legs). Here is another variation you can do using a chair.

Lunges are similar to squats except now you’ll be use 1 leg instead of 2.

Hip Raises/Glute Bridges are useful for strengthening your glutes(Your butt) and can help with lower back pain. Make sure you keep you back flat against the florr and your tail bone tucked in before raising your hips off the floor.

Hollow Holds or Dead Bugs are a good way to challenge your core from head to toe.

The Superman exercise will work the muscles around your lower back. Make sure to keep you chin tucked in so you don’t strain your neck.

Here are a few more back exercises you can do at home as well.

Pushups or for those starting out, Pushups for Beginners A great way to work your chest and the muscles on the back of your arm; the Triceps.

I would recommend starting with 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. For the Hollow Hold I would recommend 3 sets of 30 second holds. Take about a minute break between each set. If you have any questions you can reach me at our email feedback@gotdamnmondays.com or my personal email PriceJohnson89@gmail.com 

Worst Monday Story

We reminisce about our Worst Monday from 2017. Those situations range from losing luggage on a trip, to drinking too much, passing out in the wrong room and even having someone try to burn your face off. If you have a “Worst Monday Story” you’d like to share with us and on our show, please use the links below.

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